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More than 96.000 people were fired or didn't get the job because of positive drug test results in 2013!

Urine drug testing. Just the mere thought of these three words is enough to bring out the terror that is hiding inside of you. Once you are asked to pass the test, you cannot simply refuse for this would only result for you to look guilty or worst you can lose your job or be subjected to some legal issues.

But the truth is you should not really be frightened when taking this test. Even if you are one of those people who are taking various drugs whether for medicinal or entertainment purposes, you should not be anxious because there are certain ways that if follow correctly and diligently, it can help you to pass a urine drug test.

Here are some of the most famous and widely used schemes that people undertake to pass a urine test naturally:

Using someone Else Urine

Using someone else Urine is considered as one of the oldest trick on the book. This would really be effective, if you can pull this one off. This is indeed a sure way of passing your drug test.

This does not revolve on the idea of masking your urine but instead the urine sample that you are goi ng to pass is 100% clean and free from any illegal substances so there is no chance that you will get a positive result.

Drinking lots of water:

Since tampering might be difficult, some wise people came out with an idea that if they cannot corrupt their sample urine then they might as well alter it while the urine is still inside their body.

They drink lots and lots of water thinking that this would cause them to urinate more thus flushing out the toxins in their body. However, the truth is this method is practically useless.

The product that is left behind by the metabolic process cannot be removed that easily.

Putting water in the Sample:

Adding water on your urine sample is one of the most used methods in the past. It works on the principle that your urine sample would register clean and uncontaminated since it would read more of the water rather than the urine.

However, many laboratories nowadays that conduct urine drug testing are strict. Usually there would be a supervisor watching you when you are urinating. Also, diluting your urine can be noticeable even with the naked eye because the colour would be less concentrated.

Taking Niacin to pass urine drug test:

Niacin is a drug that has the potential to mask drug products. Though there might be some truth behind this, we should be aware that Niacin is very poisonous.

Even a few tablets of this drug can cause damage or in some cases total shutdown of your vital organs which can be really dangerous.

Taking this drug is extremely risky that is why only a few unwise people have choose in using this method.

In the past, the above mentioned techniques were effective and were widely used by drug users and true enough they were able to pass their urine drug testing. However, as technologies nowadays are becoming advanced and sophisticated, these methods are becoming useless and noticeable.

But do not lose hope! There are other highly effective methods of passing your urine drug test. As technology makes it harder to tamper your urine sample, this same technology can also be the answer to passing your test.

So, what's the best way to pass a urine test?


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First - there is the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program. This is the world most sophisticated cleansing system program as it totally flush waste and toxins from you blood, saliva and urine in just 7 days!

The Clean's Premium Detox is made up of all natural ingredients and vitamins that are designed to hasten your body rejuvenation process thus allowing you to achieve total body purity.

This detox package is consists of 3 capsules namely the morning set, the evening set and the exclusive Jump Start. You need to take the first two capsules twice a day, one in the morning and one before bed time. These capsules can help you flush out all those harmful substances in your body for a holistic body wellness.

Now for those people who are in a hurry, you can use the Jump Start capsules as a fast solution to your worries. Just take it one to two hours prior to your urine drug testing and it will flush out all those unwanted by products leaving your urine clean and negative to any signs of illegal substance.

How to pass a urine test in 24 hours?


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Another fast detoxifying kit that can help you when you are short of time is the Fast THC Marijuana Detox Kit (Extra strong). This set includes a 20 ounce bottle of QCarbo Plus, one pack of Super Boost Tabs, one QClean chewable detox supplement, and one THC-marijuana test device.

This product is designed to be used right on the day that you are taking your drug test. For best result use it 2 hours prior your testing time. The idea behind this is this product can immediately eliminate all those unwanted substances in less than 24 hours.

You simply need to take the products included in this package, urinate frequently to flush out the toxins and use the testing kit for you to know when you are ready to pass the test.

Lastly, another 100% working method is using Synthetic Urine. Read more about synthetic urine.

Drug detection times in urine

Drug Test Detection Time is the span of time where detection for any signs of drug abuse is possible. If a person is tested too soon or too late, the drugs may either show up or not show up at all. Here is a list of the most abusive drugs used ad how long can it be detected in your urine:

Alcohol - 24 hours or less Amphetamines - 1 to 4 days

Short-acting Barbiturates - 1 to 3 days
Long-acting Barbiturates - 1 to 3 weeks

Short-term Benzodiazepines Therapeutic Use - 1 to 3 days
Long-term Benzodiazepines - 1 to 3 weeks

Cocaine - 1 to 5 days
LSD - 1 to 2 days
Opiates - 1 to 5 days

Marijuana (THC) Casual Use - 1 to 7 days
Long-Term Marijuana Use - 1 to 4 weeks

MDMA otherwise known as Ecstasy - 1 to 4 days
Methadone - 1 to 4 days
Methamphetamines - 1 to 4 days

PCP (Phencyclidine) Casual Use - 1 to 7 days
Long-Term PCP (Phencyclidine) Use - 1 to 4 weeks

Passing urine drug test can be easy and achievable if you know the proper methods. There are a lot of detoxifying products available in the market but not all are as effective as the ones mentioned above. They are highly recommended techniques for you to register negative on your coming drug exam.

Testimonial by our customer:

I am probably like a lot of you. I am 21, a typical college student who cant turn down pot. now that its summer ive been applying to places to work non-stop.knowing that i would prolly need a piss test i went to my local headshop where my friend and i each bought a fast thc marijuana detox kit.

my friend stopped smoking 9 days before and did the drink and passed his drug test. he is 5-9 maybe 160, i am 6-2 prolly 210-215. i read the label more and realized that the drink was for people under 200 lbs.

I recently lost about 50 lbs but still have plenty of fat. i knew that i was probably screwed when i got a call as i was smoking a dro blunt from a well-respected company wanting an interview.

i held the interview off past the weekend and went in and they told me i had two days and gave me the place of my piss test. i thought i was screwed for sure. before hand i drank a little water (maybe 6-8 12 oz. cups) but did not overload bc i thought i was done for anyway. on the day of my test i did not eat prior to and i took the drink at about 8:30 a.m. the drink was surprisingly real good and then filled it up two more times with water and drank it like the instructions said.

i took the piss test at about 12:15. low and behold i got the test results back today and passed! KEEP SMOKIN STRONG !

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